Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Twelve Month Challenge Winner

Twelve Month Challenge Winner

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Two challenge winners today
August and September as
I see I have omitted to announce
the winner for the August
challenge where a tractor had to
be included.   There were some
great tractors for all the
consternation caused.

Just goes to show you have all
got more talent than you think

I am pleased to announce
that the August winner
The Random Generator
has chosen is

No 5

 Sybil Grieco

Turning to September

Lots of lovely fruit here and no
particular challenge except to
take part.........haha!

Once again all the numbers
were handed to Mr R Generator
and he has chosen

No 8

by Kaybee

Congratulations to both winners
and please email me so I can
send you your vouchers

Only another three months
to go until this challenge 
comes to an end. 

I have a couple of ideas for
next year but as it is your
challenge - I wonder what
sort of thing you would like
to do?  Please don't be shy
 I'm grateful for your input

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Song Challenge

The Song Challenge

Happy Sunday to you all!

Here I am with another
Song Challenge - if only 
to showcase Karen Gist's
lovely artwork...........

The song this month is:

Parisian Walkways

I remember Paris in '49

The Champs Elysée, Saint Michel 
And old Beaujolais wine 
And I recall that you were mine 
In those Parisienne days

Looking back at the photographs

Those summer days 
Spent outside corner cafes 

Oh, I could write you paragraphs
About my old Parisienne days 

I have a recording of this by
Gary Moore not long after
he left Thin Lizzy
 but you may 
have heard it performed by
other artists

Here is Karen's coaster:

So there you have it:

Fleur de Lys 
je ne c'est quoi.....

As always, you may upload
as many as you like via the link

If the link isn't working then
please email your project to me
at mickiecraftbarn@gmail.com

The link will close on 15 October at 11:55pm

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Paper Mash Up

Paper Mash Up

Hi There!

Brrr!  Autumn has arrived -
Chilly mornings, warm and
sometimes sunny days.
We shall soon have to
light the fire in the evenings
......now where did I put
that rug.................?

Helen Chilton is with us
today to show us what
she has made with those
bits of paper........

"Here are some Christmas decorations 
using paper scraps from my 
(very large) scrap stash!

Cut the shapes out of mount board.

Then get out your paper scraps - 
I've chosen greens and blues for my tree

Cover the back with a larger piece..

....and then lay your chosen scraps 
over the tree shape. 

When you're happy glue them down with a glue stick.

Then flip it over and trim the edges - 

much easier to do it this way than try to 
trim each individual scrap to fit.

The end result is this. 

I've used torn and cut edges on mine.

Here are the four shapes 
all in different colour ways:

After that I did some stamping and embossing 
in silver or gold tinsel embossing powder.

 This is a Woodware stamp which I chose 
because it has lots of different patterns on it
 - very useful.

Here you can see that I've stamped 
fairly randomly:

For the edges I used the more textured powder - 
Stampendous Frantage Embossing enamel 
in either aged silver or aged gold.

After that it's time to embellish using ribbons,
 braids, bells, beads, buttons, sequins....

whatever you've got."

......and here are the final four:

The Star

The Tree

The Bauble

The Stocking

Woohoo!  We're on our way
to preparing for that December
Celebration......  Thank you Helen!

Whatever you celebrate in December
there's bound to be some decoration
involved and Helen's technique really
does lend itself to every occasion

'Till tomorrow

Mickie xx